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Mediumship Development Circles

Sharon Farber original watercolor Dragonfly Healing Arts Mediumship Development Circle

Starting September 13, 2016 Dragonfly will have TWO weekly Mediumship Development Circles. Attend one, both, or whichever fits your schedule best on a given week. Weekly attendance not required. Both circles are for mixed levels, last 90 minutes, and have a requested donation of $10. Contact Sharon if you are interested.

The Original Circle meets Wednesdays at 7:30 pm and has been active since May 2012. This circle offers a “guest circle” on the first Wednesday of the month. Details below.

The New Circle will meet Tuesdays at 11 am, starting September 13.

Mediumship Development Circles Video

What is a Development Circle?

Development Circles are a committed group of people who sit together regularly, at the same day, time and location, in order to build and work with Spirit.

About these Mediumship Development Circles: 

The focus of these circles is to help participants develop their evidential mediumship; provide an opportunity to receive and/or provide messages, and to bring together people with the common interest of spirit communication.  All levels of experience are welcome, but a beginner level mediumship class and/or some personal experience with mediumship is beneficial. Contact Sharon if you are interested in attending a circle.

What we do:

We usually start the circle with a guided meditation or some energy moving exercises, and a setting of intentions.  Most of the time is spent on spirit communication; getting and giving evidence for other members of the circle to validate. Members, especially beginning mediums, are encouraged and supported in the mediumship process.

How to come and when not to:

  • Please arrive promptly.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and does not restrict breathing.
  • Restrict perfume or other scents.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol and other drugs before attending.
  • It may be helpful to eat light in the hours before the circle.
  • Please do not come if you are sick, depressed, or feeling particularly negative.

About Sharon:

I am a massage therapist, healer, artist, and medium. I was guided to develop my mediumship and am doing so with passion. I started the first circle in May, 2012 to provide the opportunity for myself and other mediums to Sit In Circle to further develop our skills, the way mediums have done for hundreds of years.

Guests invited to receive readings on first Wednesdays of the month:

We invite guests to attend circle as “sitters,” to receive readings, on the first Wednesday of each month. This is a platform, or gallery style reading. Circle members (who choose to) take turns giving readings with the intention that the connections will be for our guests.  Guest sitters need no experience but should be receptive to spirit.  We take approximately 4 guests each “1st Wednesday,” on a first to sign up basis, with a suggested $10.00 donation from each. Register as a guest by phone or email.