Dragonfly Healing Arts


Yogacharya Anandi (Kristina Luce)

Group Meditation 


  • One-hour group sessions: $15
  • Check calendar for classes
  • Privates sessions: $50 hour 

Join in a relaxed group setting to explore what meditation is, how it works and experience the benefits in a safe and supported environment. Regardless of experience or tradition, you will come away with an enhanced understanding and the ability to establish or enrich your own meditation practice. For more information contact anandibhagavan@gmail.com.


Anandi (Kristina Luce) is a Yogacharya, who has studied as an advanced student under the direction of Durga Ma for over four years.  She lives in Northwest Connecticut, raising her son and teaching the meditation and life mastery courses offered by Phoenix Metaphysical Institute

Durga Ma is a composer, author, and shaktipat kundalini yoga master.  She has a special gift for understanding ancient mystical teachings and Sanskrit texts, and applying them to a modern world.  Her teachings are directed to people seeking to improve their circumstances while living a spiritual life in the world, and to those who seek spiritual fulfillment and liberation as taught by spiritual masters who have succeeded.