Dragonfly Healing Arts

Our Team

Dragonfly Healing Arts’ team of teachers and practitioners.

Yogacharya Anandi (Kristina Luce): Meditation teacher and Massage Therapist; (a Yogacharya, who has studied as an advanced student under the direction of Durga Ma) Meditation page

Samantha Dennison: Certified Angel Messenger and Reiki Practitioner, An Angelic Experience

Sharon Farber: LMT, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Healer, Artist, Medium Sharon Farber

Andrew Fisher: Tai Chi Instructor Yoga page

Fran Herman: Yoga Instructor Yoga page

Brit LaBonte: Yoga Instructor Yoga page

Marisa Merbaum: LMT, Reiki practitioner My Sanctuary Massage

Susan and Sophia Piscitelli: Transormational Hypnosis, website coming soon, Call 860 733-2833 for details.

Anita Shaggy: Reiki Master and yoga teacher

Leeny Shahverdian: Yoga teacher