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Hi Sharon, hope all is well! After attending your Beginner’s Mediumship class I found a class more convenient to my home. I also went to Omega for a James Van Praagh workshop and wound up onstage with him demonstrating platform mediumship in front of the group. And it all started with that first class!

Allison   Hamden, CT   May 2016


As an emerging medium, Sharon has provided me with wonderful tools, insights and support. I’ve attended her mediumship circle and am very pleased with everything I’ve been learning that I can do.

Sarah P.   Torrington, CT   April 2016


I found Sharon to be right on with many of my deceased family members. Had a great experience! Thanks Sharon!!

Joyce M.   Burlington, CT   March 2016


Sharon did an amazing job at connecting with our loved ones. Not much came through for me but my friend had an awesome turn out. You can tell she is genuine and legit! I will definitely be coming back!

Kyle   May 2015


Wow, Sharon it is amazing how much i grew with this 4 wk workshop. I learned so much from you and like i had mentioned i loved how open and authentic you were with all of us. The love and passion you have for the work you do shines through. The learning felt open and free flowing which made a newbie like myself feel comfortable enough to quantum leap right in. I always felt safe and supportive within the group which assisted me (to) reach out of my comfort zone. Session 1 i was unsure of how to integrate the information and by session 4 i was saying “I got this.” Thanks Sharon.

Debbie G.   Barkhamsted, CT   May 2015


Sharon was awesome! Very nice and welcoming. Eye opening experience. Never have tried this before. Definitely go!

Mary T.   May 2015


An amazing validation of the strong bonds linking the generations of my family. Unbeknownst to me, a scene presented during the session exactly mirrored one–later verified by a cousin– that had just occurred almost 600 miles away. We were both awestruck by the way this communication was not limited by century or geography.

Kathy M.  Winsted, CT    July 2014


Hey Sharon, I just wanted you to know that I wrote up my experience with you today and shared it with a few family members. It has meant the world to everyone I shared it with – particularly Al’s children. Thank you again for the beautiful and meaningful reading.

Pat J.  Sauquoit, NY    July 2013


Hi Sharon! I just wanted to let you know that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my reading last night!  I talked with my Mom today to see if any information about her mother, Grace, would click. You told me about flowers and pink roses. Pink was my Gran’s favorite color and she was buried in a pink dress. She also had pink roses at her funeral and my mom takes pink roses out to her grave.  After we talked, I realized that I still have a rose from her funeral (2007) and it has long faded, but it was pink.

Shavonne, Michigan    February 2013/span>


Dear Sharon,

I’m so thrilled and I know you will be too when you read this.
Last night I spoke with my dad and conveyed the message from my grandfather and also from _______.   It seemed that he really needed to hear those messages channeled through you as he felt an instant relief.  He sends his profound thanks and appreciation.  Then I asked him if he knew about the other older woman that you spoke about.  It appears that the physical description tallies perfectly with my dad’s ex-girlfriend’s mother who passed away recently in her old age… The story goes that, she lost her husband early in life and raised 11 children by herself and that she indeed portrayed rude/mean characteristics as her life was very difficult.  So the message “I’m sorry for being rude” (harsh) was meant for my dad…
I find it absolutely amazing how my dad heard what he most needed to hear from all three of them.  It’s also fascinating how loved ones find a way to convey their messages somehow to those they know are in need of healing (considering that I had the reading done, but the messages were for my dad).  So I suppose, regardless to how it appeared at the time, that reading can definitely be counted as another one of your gifted success stories as a medium.  I’m so thrilled… and once again, please accept my thanks and gratitude.  As I heard my dad’s voice over the phone last night, I could feel his joy and relief…

Thank you Sharon!!!

Nadi   Manchester, CT   December 2012

“Your message from my grandmother was a big help. …She said that I had her cane and could lean on her.  Remember?  Well your message was very important during this difficult time.  More than you knew.”

Julie G.   Avon, CT   Oct. 2012 


Hi Sharon, Thank you for sharing your talent with me.  …There was a real sense of peace and warmth I felt in talking to you.  I absolutely am so awed by you and your strength and passion. I wish you all the best, and much love and light.

Beth T.   San Francisco, CA   October 2012


… all I can say is that you were spot on.  And I wish to thank you for generously spending the time for such a good reading.  You do have a gift and I feel you were able to bring the voices back to connect with me.  These people were such good friends tho I never had the chance to meet them on the same basis as most friends meet.  Never knew their names or backgrounds, we just appreciated each other as kind, generous spirits, really. 

Deb C.   Torrington, CT   October 2012


Hi Sharon,

Thanks again for the reading last night….still in overwhelm this morning as to how efficient, direct and specific the images/messages were/are.  WOW!  …It was an amazing experience that you made very calm and loving….my heartfelt appreciation for your talents, your gifting of the experience to me and the expansiveness of my understanding of the Universe…

Louise G.   San Francisco, California   August 2012

Massage Therapy:

In the 25 years that I have been receiving massage, that was by far the best massage I’ve ever had! 

Susan K.   Norfolk, CT   April 2014

My left hip is amazing!!!!!! Feels like the joint got wd 40’d! It is so smooth and loose! I walked on my treadmill tonight and I can tell the range of motion is so much better! Thanks Sharon!! 

Ann M.   Burlington, CT   March 2012


Ms. Farber’s extensive knowledge of massage techniques has brought me relief from chronic pain on two occasions: once, several years ago when I was experiencing tennis elbow and most recently when I incurred extremely painful plantar fasciitis

Brooks M.   East Hartland, CT  December 2010


Every time I leave my massage I feel a glow of comfort, relaxation, and lessened stress.  Sharon’s professional approach to clients is one of compassion.  She is well trained in many massage techniques and continues to educate herself…  I strongly recommend Sharon.

Barbara N.   Farmington, CT   October 2010


Sharon helps me to keep my scoliosis, chronic tightness and pain under control. She has also done reflexology and Reconnective Healing on my children, who also have some mild back issues, and is highly valued as an experienced, dependable family complementary health practitioner.

Anne-Marie I.   Simsbury, CT and Northumberland, England   September 2010