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Thai Yoga Massage

ChristopherDragonfly Healing Arts is happy to host Christopher Massey.

Christopher offers Thai Yoga Massage, and teaches private and group meditation and breath-work classes

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Massage is a complete form of bodywork that stretches, aligns and nourishes the body in all the correct ways. It is done on a gel mat on the floor. The client wears loose comfortable clothing. Thai Massage works physically, emotionally, energetically and  spiritually to bring balance to your whole being. It can serve as a full body tune-up and/or it can help alleviate chronic and acute pain. Whether you are tired and need more energy, or are experiencing stress or tension and cannot relax, Thai Massage has the power to increase energy and/or calm the nerves. It is an energy balancing massage. What ever you need, the nature of this art will provide. 

The gel mat is incredibly comfortable. Christopher’s pace, pressure, and touch are wonderful. It feels amazing!  We are very lucky to have him here.

Thai Yoga Massage:  75 minutes for $100

Call now to book your Thai Yoga Massage!  860 989-2358

Christopher is a CT Licensed Massage Therapist, a Member of the American Massage Therapy Association and a graduate of the Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy. He is a Reiki Master and Instructor. He has been practicing Thai Yoga massage for 10 years and has had 320 hours of Advanced Thai Massage and Ayurveda education. He has been a facilitator of meditation for 3 years.